Halloween Road Trips!

Here’s a look at three destinations, each less than a tank of gas away, to check out haunted attractions and other Halloween fun for a quick getaway outside of Los Angeles:

  1. Bay Area (San Francisco & San Jose) 
    Built specifically to be a home for ghosts, San Jose’s Winchester Mystery House features a tour of its labyrinth of hallways and rooms year round. For the Halloween season, however, they turn the lights off for candlelit tours of the 160 room mansion.

    Halloween Attractions in the Bay Area
    California Great America Haunt (Santa Clara, Sept. 29-Oct. 29)
    Pirates of Emerson (Pleasanton, Sept. 30-Oct. 31)
    Dead Time Dreams (San Jose, Sept. 30-Nov. 5)
    ScareCo (Newark, Oct. 6-31)
    Higbee Horror Haunt (Modesto, Oct. 13-31)
    …and a little outside of the Bay Area: Direworld Scare Park (Roseville, Sept. 29-Oct. 31)

    Open Year Round
    The Santa Cruz Boardwalk features two dark rides (Ghost Blasters and the Haunted Castle) and a haunted maze (The Fright Walk), though its appeal to horror fans should be that it was used as the Santa Clara Boardwalk in “The Lost Boys.”
    The San Francisco Dungeon is an all-in-one dark ride, thrill ride, and immersive theatre experience, taking guests on a 60-minute tour of the city’s dark history.

  2. San Diego

    The Early Hills Sanatorium was “plagued with faulty medical equipment, questionable methods of treatment, and a population of unstable residents” and is now the setting for San Diego’s Savage House Haunted Attraction (Sept. 28 through Oct. 31).Halloween Attractions in San Diego
    The Haunted Hotel (Sept. 29-Oct. 31)
    The Scream Zone (Del Mar, Sept. 29-Oct. 31)
    The Haunted Trail (Sept. 29-Oct. 31)
    The Haunted Lodge (El Cajon, Oct. 26-31)

    The sold-out run of “Walking La Llorona” just might be coming back to San Diego… with your help! The immersive theatre production from the makers of New York’s groundbreaking “Sleep No More” have just launched a Kickstarter campaign, which may be the only way to get tickets to a handful of performances beginning in late October. Details at Theme Park Adventure.

  3. Las Vegas

    Even jaded haunt-goers have expressed how terrifying Freakling Bros. can be. Now in it’s 25th year, the Las Vegas attraction has three mazes, including the R rated “Gates of Hell.”Halloween Attractions in Las Vegas
    Fright Dome (Sept. 29-Oct. 31)
    Asylum & Hotel Fear (Oct. 5-31)
    Bonnie Screams (Oct. 5-31)

    Open Year Round
    Zak Bagan’s Haunted Museum opens October 2nd where guests will “venture through creepy hallways and secret passages, exploring paranormal exhibits & cursed artifacts, oddities, even possessions once owned by notorious serial killers.”
    Fear the Walking Dead Survival on Fremont Street is “part thrill ride, part escape room, part maze and part interactive video game.”

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